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new journal cuz i'm bored yay!
this is from Miss. KZ's journal

[x]you own at least 4 black shirts
[x]you like skinny jeans
[x]you're listening to music right now
[x]you have painted your fingernails black before
[x]you have more than 300 songs on your ipod/mp3/itunes
[x]like the color black
[]hate most girly girls
[x]have died your hair dark
[x]sometimes like to be alone
[]hate popular music
[x]keep hair in front of your face
[x]have given people evil stare (only kidding tho)
[]hate your parents
[]life sucks for you
[x]have been called emo
[]dislike the colors pink, teal, and baby blue
[x]complain a lot (yeah maybe... who doesn't?)
[]own a studded belt

total: 12
total so far: 12

[]own more than 10 mini shorts
[X]have kissed 2 people in one night (does mommy and daddy count?)
[]have been called a slut
[]wear low cut shirts
[]have been called a tease
[]flirt with almost every guy or girl
[x]like the opposite sex
[ ]go to parties/sleepovers at least once a week
[]own 5 tube tops
[x]have sat on the opposites sex's lap?
[]you kiss because you think it's fun

total: 3
total so far: 15

[]own at least 5 jerseys
[]have 2 or more trophies
[]been in sports ever since kindergarten
[]love sports
[x]own 5 or more sweatpants
[]don't wear makeup
[]have/had played lacrosse
[]play more than 2 sports
[]can play a sport if you've never played it before
[]you play on a team
[x]you love to run
[]you play soccer on a team
[]you run/ran track
[]you play volleyball on a team
[]you play/played football on a team
[]been called a jock
[]have set a record
[]are/were friends with your coach/old coach
[]love watching sports
[]can do 15 push-ups without getting tired

total: 2
total so far: 17

[x]wear your pants above your waist(sometimes)
[]have/going/had to have braces
[]in advanced classes
[]on math team
[]have all A's
[x]like spending time with your parents
[x]are annoyed or bullied
[x]like to learn
[x]like some of your teachers
[]watch history channel
[]sometimes scared to talk to the opposite sex
[]don't have pics of yourself on myspace
[x]read a book in a month
[x]you read on your last spring break
[]have/had your own website
[]wear pocket protectors

total: 7
total so far: 24

Now multiply your total by 3:

I am 72% F**ked up

Repost this as I am __% F**ked up.
  • Listening to: Winamp >_<
  • Reading: Jackie O Biography
  • Watching: the computer screen
  • Playing: with my hands
  • Eating: my own words
  • Drinking: coke


Current Residence: Mexico
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: You guys


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